Feeling… Hydrangeas

I’ve been thinking about hydrangeas a lot lately.  We’re starting a garden almost from scratch and I’ve always loved their round form and showing blue or white blossom heads.


When I worked at Cupcakes as a wedding cake designer I often made cakes with gumpast hydrangeas and probably because of that found myself gravitating towards hydrangeas in my purse desings.  Spotting Patrick Irla’s hydrangea jewelry on etsy the other day made me wonder what other finds etsy had in store for a hydrangea themed wedding.


1.  Hydrangea ring bearer pillow by Emici Bridal
2.  Hydrangea dog collar by Pecan Pie Puppies
3.  Hydrangea and feather fascinator by Croska
4.  Hydrangea invitations by Greys Greetings
5.  Hydrangea fine art print by Sara Norris
6.  Hydrangea ring by Ginko and Butterfly
7.  Hydrangea clay arrangement by Petalchic
8.  Blue porcelain hydrangea plate by JMR Pottery
9.  Hydrangea confetti by Betty Cracker

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