Fabulous Finds… 500 Colored Pencils*

I’ve always been obsessed with pens, pencils, crayons, etc.  As a kid I was always torn between using a new box of coloured pencils, playing with all the new shades, releasing all that magic, and leaving them pristine and beautiful in their box, precious and perfect.  Even when I did give in to the urge to colour with my new tools, there were always certain colours that were just too good to use.  They were hidden away and just brought out to stare at and dream about.


500 Colored Pencils is the penultimate pencil crayon collection for the artist, or the colour hording freak like me!  The pencils can be ordered on a subscription basis, 20 installments of 25 pencils each.  Such an amazing idea for an artist – each month produce work based on that month’s pencils.


I’m not much of a drawer anymore, but I still dream of subscribing.  I think I’d arrange them on the wall as art in themselves, and maybe, ever so often, when I can’t find a pen, carefully use one, making sure not to wear the tip down too far.


Social Designer's Aurora Display Case

* Or if you’re Canadian 500 Coloured Pencils.  I just can’t seem to give up my Us.


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