Thank you for visiting Pretty Lulu!  This blog is all about the things that inspire me – pretty objects, crafty goodness, yummy treats, fabulous people.

And who am I?  Chelsea Rogers, ex-pastry chef, big city transplant, small business owner, cat mum.  My husband Jamie and I left Vancouver with the dream of owning a house somewhere, fixing it up, gardening, and living a life with less commuting and more time enjoying the things we enjoy!  Hopefully you’ll find the things I love just as inspiring as I do!


fun, weird, stupid facts about me:

1. I was kicked out of a performance of the sound of music when I was little because I wouldn’t stop singing along.  I still thought it was awesome!
2.  Pretty Lulu Design was named after my cat Lucy.  Her twin brother Tron has a movie with the same name so I figured he’s doing ok.
3.  I can pick my nose with my tongue.
4.  I don’t think of myself as a picky eater but I won’t eat bananas, eggs, or any kind of meat.
5.  I’m scared of fish brushing against my feet.


One response to “About

  1. You are so cute!!! just read your little blurb! See you tomorrow at INDIE I DO!

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