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Emilie Friday

wedding scroll

You snooze you loose, right?  I haven’t really been snoozing.  I’ve been renoing.  Our kitchen is a shell of it’s former self, stripped down to studs but slowly coming back.  My lungs haven’t been too happy with the whole process, so the energy level has been about zero.  But… my point is I’ve been obsessing over calligraphy lately, in particular calligraphy return address stamps.  And then Holly went and posted about them!  But I’m going to soldier on and show you the work of an amazing calligrapher Emilie Friday.

address stamp; logo

Gorgeous, right?

But what I want is this calligraphy kit.  I used to do calligraphy as a kid (I was a bit odd, I’ll admit), the really old style gothic kind.  But I’d love to learn the more relaxed, swooshy, whimsical version a lot of calligraphers are doing these days.  Hmmmmmm……


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