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My blog is carbon neutral

I think, like most people, that I try to do my best for the environment.  I compost, recycle, have started growing my own fruit and veg, eat seasonally and pick up my dog poop.  But plastics and waste are still a fact of life, especially with this kitchen reno we’re doing.  We thought long and hard before starting this project since I really think the best way is to just work with what you have.  But the cabinets were warped and crumbling and the walls had no insulation.   So I’m feeling a little guilty about all the emissions that went in to producing our new kitchen, not to mention all the plastic, styro and construction waste going to the landfill on our behalf.

Needless to say I was super excited when I discovered the German program that makes blogs carbon neutral!  Huh?  That’s what I said at first!  How does typing produce greenhouse gases.  Well it doesn’t.  It’s the power needed to run the servers and all that other stuff.  A Harvard prof produced a study stating that a blog with 15 000 hits a month produces a yearly co2 output of 3.6 kg.  Not good!  So Mach’s grün! and the project “my blog is carbon neutral” was launched.  All you have to do is blog about the project, install their button, let them know and they’ll plant a tree to offset your blogging carbon.  How awesome is that!  I’ve already planted 3 trees in our yard since we moved in and love the idea that another one will be in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California, a forest devastated by wildfires in 2007.  They’re planting Douglas fir, red and white firs, incense cedars, ponderosa pine and sugar pine trees, a gorgeous evergreen mix that will go far to prevent soil erosion and build a new wildlife habitat.  I grew up with 2 giant Doug firs in the back yard, trees at least 100 years old and love the idea of helping a baby tree along it’s way.  And reliving a bit of the guilt!


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The wheatfield

I’ve been stressed out lately.  Too much on my plate and nothing seems to be going right.  I always get the early spring blahs around February but this year they’ve dragged on and on (and on).    So, to lift my spirits and maybe yours, a little inspirational art.  And not kittens in trees or velvet Jesuses.  Pretty, colourful stuff, with the occasional uplifting sentiment thrown in.

I came across The Wheatfield a few months ago and it was love at 1st sight.   There’s something about that use of yellows and blues that is so happy, so full of sunshine.

And I just keep seeing that wonderful ampersand blown up huge and used as a backdrop for photos at a wedding.  Bride & groom.  Boyfriend & girlfriend.  Mum & dad.  Throw in lots of daisies, a mountain in the background, big jugs of lemonade and you’ve got yourself a party!


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Hello again!

My last post was in April?  Really?  Yikes!  What a slacker!  Or maybe it’s just new mum syndrome.  No, not a baby, but we did get a puppy.  A puppy who seemed calm and submissive (just like Cesar suggests) when we picked her out, but turned out to be dominant, strong willed, and very, very outgoing and energetic.  Which has all come together to mean that I seem to spend most of my day as a dog wrangler, using the few short moments when she’s sleeping to do those little things we all take for granted… like showering.  For a girly, loves her beauty products and long soaks girl, there’s been a shocking number of days when I crawl into bed and realize I haven’t showered all day… and I’m not sure I did the day before.  Too much information?  Probably.  Sorry.

Other than dog wrangling, what’s up around here?  Well the kitchen is progressing, slowly.  Three cabinet doors were delivered yesterday.  Yeah, I was confused by that, too.  Hopefully there’s more coming!  And we’ve (mostly my dad, actually) put in a front flower garden and a back veg patch.  I’m putting in tomatoes tomorrow and can’t wait!  Other than that, not much… but I think that’s about enough!

And huge news… news that I should have shared ages ago… I’m now a contributor to one of my fave blogs Going Home to Roost!  Bonnie and her blog are ridiculously awesome and I’m so happy to be contributing the occasional recipe and craft project.


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Garden Planning

This spring I’ll be putting in my first garden so this winter I’ve been reading, studying, sketching, and plotting.  Trying to figure out how to fit as much abundance and beauty into our hard baked, shallow soiled plot.  There’s going to be a lot of hard work – digging, ammending the soil, sadly taking out some cramped, crippled trees.  I’m steeling myself for all that while simultaneously dreaming over books and catalogues.

Even if you’re not a gardener, there’s something special about Renée’s Garden Seeds.  The packets are beautifully illustrated with watercolour renderings of the content’s potential.  Somehow leeks seem so much more romantic!  Her seed packets make me want to start a gardening journal, carefully gluing in the packs and hoping my results meet my expectations.  Or to frame the packs so even in the winter I can have a reminder of the summer garden bounty.

For now I’m starting my seed list, with lots of Renée’s offerings at the top of the list.  Hopefully I’ll have room enough for all my dreams.

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