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Dotty logic

I was reading True Up this morning and was so excited to come across the etsy shop Dotty Logic.  This new store features the fabric and handmade accessories of artist Jasonda Desmond.  The fabric is all organic and printed with non toxic inks, not to mention flat out gorgeous!  Jasonda is a fellow Vancouverite and she draws her inspiration from the ocean and beaches that surround the city.  Coral, rope, beachcombing treasures, each design was lovingly drawn and has a story behind it.  I’m particularly fond of her treasures fabric as I spend many summer days combing the beach as a kid and always dreamed of the treasure I could find!  Another treasure?  Jasonda’s offering free shipping for the month of June.  How perfect is that?


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A little something new in town

There’s a cheeky new girl in the shop… Beatrice!   She may be named after my pup but she won’t hump your leg.  Unless you ask her nicely!

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The wheatfield

I’ve been stressed out lately.  Too much on my plate and nothing seems to be going right.  I always get the early spring blahs around February but this year they’ve dragged on and on (and on).    So, to lift my spirits and maybe yours, a little inspirational art.  And not kittens in trees or velvet Jesuses.  Pretty, colourful stuff, with the occasional uplifting sentiment thrown in.

I came across The Wheatfield a few months ago and it was love at 1st sight.   There’s something about that use of yellows and blues that is so happy, so full of sunshine.

And I just keep seeing that wonderful ampersand blown up huge and used as a backdrop for photos at a wedding.  Bride & groom.  Boyfriend & girlfriend.  Mum & dad.  Throw in lots of daisies, a mountain in the background, big jugs of lemonade and you’ve got yourself a party!


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Are you a Drama Queen?

I hate working out.  Hate it!  Spending an hour of my day sweating, lifting heavy things and plodding away on the eliptical is not my idea of fun.  But I’m doing it.  Watching a movie on my ipod or mixing up the classes (it’s rep rebock today) helps, but I still need to keep myself motivated.  So hello LA Drama Queen!

Tani Marie started out making costumes for exotic dancers, building her pattern making and construction skills.  She’s now started selling her designs, a range of wonderful vintage inspired swimwear.  If your ideal suite is the one worn by the original Barbie, this is the designer for you!  I’m going to keep Tani’s images on my computer and look at them whenever I feel like skipping the gym or indulging in some cookies.  Hopefully by next summer I’ll be able to slip into one of those suits!

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Fabulous etsy find

Gorgeous, right?  I love coming across all the talented artists on etsy!  I stumbled across Jessica Swift’s shop this morning and had to post about it.  I love the bright colours, the use of different media – block printing, collage, painting – and the fun she injects into all her work.  Sure, I probably don’t need an ABC poster, but I think her floral prints would look pretty awesome on one of my walls!

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