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Angela Liguori + Pikku

There’s something wonderful about a beautifully wrapped gift.  Just like people, it’s what’s inside that counts, but a gorgeous outside will get you through the door faster.  Angela Liguori and Pikku are both graphic designers and together they’ve created a gorgeous line of wrapping paper coupled with Italian cotton ribbons.  This could even make a slap chop look good.


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The working proof

Armadillo by Osoo

Ok, I’m probably the last person to find out about The Working Proof, but it’s too cool not to blather about.  Limited edition prints by a whole shwack of artists, a percentage of each sale going to charity.  Sounds good, right?  You can search by charity, artist, price or size.  Love!

Alice by Katie Kirk; Forest Lady by Karolin Schnoor ; This Land is Your Land by Amy Ruppel


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from Conrad via Oh Joy!

Is that not the most awesome light ever?  Ever?  Must hack…

In other news, the kitchen reno drags on.  If you have an old house, opening up the walls really is not the best idea.  And we hadn’t even planned on opening up the walls.  So I guess doing anything is a bad idea!  Fingers crossed the drywall goes up today and breathing become easier.  My lungs are scratchy!

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The wheatfield

I’ve been stressed out lately.  Too much on my plate and nothing seems to be going right.  I always get the early spring blahs around February but this year they’ve dragged on and on (and on).    So, to lift my spirits and maybe yours, a little inspirational art.  And not kittens in trees or velvet Jesuses.  Pretty, colourful stuff, with the occasional uplifting sentiment thrown in.

I came across The Wheatfield a few months ago and it was love at 1st sight.   There’s something about that use of yellows and blues that is so happy, so full of sunshine.

And I just keep seeing that wonderful ampersand blown up huge and used as a backdrop for photos at a wedding.  Bride & groom.  Boyfriend & girlfriend.  Mum & dad.  Throw in lots of daisies, a mountain in the background, big jugs of lemonade and you’ve got yourself a party!


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Inspiration for Decoration

If you’re doing anything to your house – renos, redecorating, even just buying some furniture – Inspiration for Decoration is such an amazing resource!  I’ve been following Jennifer’s blog since we bought our house last spring and have picked up so many great ideas from it.

Inspiration for Decoration is like the ultimate clipping file, just Jennifer’s own favorite pictures from various designers, magazines and catalogues, everything she’s found inspirational for her own projects.  It’s the perfect jumping off point for further research, the design dream board I’m too lazy to make myself!  Thanks so much for the work, Jennifer!

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I heart orange!

We’ve got most of everything sorted for the new kitchen.  The counters and cabinets are ordered, the tiles are picked out.  Now I get to concentrate on the little details, the fun stuff (ignoring the fact that we need to demo our kitchen, find trades, and have a puppy!).

Since our kitchen is primarily white with splashes of seaglass blue, my choice for pops of colour?  Orange, of course!  Why orange?  I love it, for starters.  It just looks so fresh and bright, especially in white kitchen!

clockwise from top right:  teacup towel ; urban type towel ; tea on the go ; teapots and jugs

kitchen scale ; pretzel cans & p shakers

straws ; canister ; pot ; lamp ; kettle

clockwise from top right: gelati print ; African sun rug ; birds and pods print ; camera parts print

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