Hello again!

My last post was in April?  Really?  Yikes!  What a slacker!  Or maybe it’s just new mum syndrome.  No, not a baby, but we did get a puppy.  A puppy who seemed calm and submissive (just like Cesar suggests) when we picked her out, but turned out to be dominant, strong willed, and very, very outgoing and energetic.  Which has all come together to mean that I seem to spend most of my day as a dog wrangler, using the few short moments when she’s sleeping to do those little things we all take for granted… like showering.  For a girly, loves her beauty products and long soaks girl, there’s been a shocking number of days when I crawl into bed and realize I haven’t showered all day… and I’m not sure I did the day before.  Too much information?  Probably.  Sorry.

Other than dog wrangling, what’s up around here?  Well the kitchen is progressing, slowly.  Three cabinet doors were delivered yesterday.  Yeah, I was confused by that, too.  Hopefully there’s more coming!  And we’ve (mostly my dad, actually) put in a front flower garden and a back veg patch.  I’m putting in tomatoes tomorrow and can’t wait!  Other than that, not much… but I think that’s about enough!

And huge news… news that I should have shared ages ago… I’m now a contributor to one of my fave blogs Going Home to Roost!  Bonnie and her blog are ridiculously awesome and I’m so happy to be contributing the occasional recipe and craft project.



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2 responses to “Hello again!

  1. Your puppy is so adorable – wishing I had one.
    Our tomato plants are doing really well in a sunny bump-out in the kitchen. But the way the weather is I may not put them out until the end of May.

    • chelsearogers

      Hi Anna! Do you want her? She’s a bit of a terror – I’ve had to create a netting fence around the veg patch to keep her out!

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