I heart orange!

We’ve got most of everything sorted for the new kitchen.  The counters and cabinets are ordered, the tiles are picked out.  Now I get to concentrate on the little details, the fun stuff (ignoring the fact that we need to demo our kitchen, find trades, and have a puppy!).

Since our kitchen is primarily white with splashes of seaglass blue, my choice for pops of colour?  Orange, of course!  Why orange?  I love it, for starters.  It just looks so fresh and bright, especially in white kitchen!

clockwise from top right:  teacup towel ; urban type towel ; tea on the go ; teapots and jugs

kitchen scale ; pretzel cans & p shakers

straws ; canister ; pot ; lamp ; kettle

clockwise from top right: gelati print ; African sun rug ; birds and pods print ; camera parts print


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  1. We have also been thinking about re-doing the kitchen. As a warm-up we have re-done the master bath and now I am trying to find ‘cheap marble’ for the powder room. My money tree hasn’t started growing yet.

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