Check it out!!!

My clutches have been featured in the Georgia Straight!  Thanks to all my Vancouver friends for letting me know about the article!  I haven’t read the Straight in a while (I guess they’re not willing to deliver a free paper 4 hours away over the Coquihalla) but when I was a teen it was my entertainment bible.  Every week I’d scour the concert listings to find out who was coming to town, and before the internet it was the place for movie listings.  Not to mention Savage Love!  So (to use my teenage lingo), I was totally psyched to see a little blurb featuring me and my clutches in their style section this past Thursday.  Thanks Georgia Straight!

And in other exciting news, can I introduce you to my new assistant Beatrice aka Beadie aka Big Girl?  She’s a gorgeous Chesapeake Bay retriever who’s moving in with us Easter weekend!  It might seem like she’s looking at me with adoration, but don’t believe it – she and her litter mates were just obsessed with chewing on my hair.  We’re busy puppy proofing the house and trying to prepare the cats for the shock.  It should be quite the adventure…


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  1. Not fair – I want one too!

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