La la la!

I’m not a huge music person.  I used to be (and if I tell you that my closet as a teen – the only area without antique wallpaper – was plastered with Guns n’ Roses posters, please don’t judge me!) but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gone from fanatic to fan to someone who turns the radio down when music comes on.  I think part of it is years and years of trying to block out pop hits from Britney and the like so that I could concentrate and work.  So a passion turned into an annoyance and I still haven’t really reconnected.  About the only time I actually listen to music is in the car and if it weren’t for a musically obsessed husband it wouldn’t even happen then.  Without Jamie there probably wouldn’t be much music in our house.  He has hundreds of records and cds, thousands of mp3s.  He’s loaded my ipod, puts up with my preference for Metallica as nap music, and has even hunted down such amazing bands as Hayseed Dixie who do bluegrass covers of AC/DC, Sabbath, Kiss…  He’s also helped me pick out theme songs for all our cats past and present and sung along when I’ve made up songs about them.  Probably true evidence of his love.  Or our mutual insanity.

The point of all this?  Well I’m hoping this time I can bring him something musical.  And not just “Shaft” with Tron subbed in.  A lot of my daily observations begin with “I was listening to the cbc…” and today Iwas listening… and they played a song by a newish band Joy Kills Sorrow.  Their new album just launched today and it’s awesome!  Bluegrassy, clean, with lovely Zoey Deschenel – ish vocals and sweet harmonies.  No, I can’t list their influences (I don’t hear any Deep Purple or Megadeath in there so I’m lost).  But it’s good.  If I were more tech inclined I’m sure I could figure out how to embed one of their tracks in this post, but I’m going to do the easier thing and just direct you here to listen to them.  Good huh?  And cute dress!


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  1. xine

    like, omg, i use Metallica as nap music too! it drowns out everything else! hahaha

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