Something in the mail

Dashing Walrus illustration print by Kate Slater

I bought my grandmother a little gift online the other day, had it sent off to her, then meant to call her about it.  You know how things get.  I forgot to call, until tonight.  We chatted for a while then I mentioned that I’d had a gift sent to her and she should keep an eye out.  Well, of course, she’d already received it and been racking her brain trying to figure out where it came from!  She was so excited, though!  I think most of us who use the internet regularly, especially for shopping, forget how wonderful it can be to get something in the mail!  And especially from etsy sellers.  We’re so used to the little extras they send, the bookmarks, postcards, beautifully designed business cards.  This was all new to my grandmother, and so exciting!!!  So thank you Kate from KateFete, you made my Baba’s day!  And thank you to all the other independent business owners, artists, and artisans out there who go out of there way to make a package from them a gift no matter who it’s being sent to!



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