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I guess it’s just the continued grayness of a Northern winter but I find myself craving flowers.  Just to my left above my computer I have a little vase each of tulips and carnations, supermarket offerings that remind me that some day spring will come.  But they’re not enough!  I want an abundance, and exuberance of flowers.  I want flowers in my hair, flowers on my clothes.  Which got me thinking, weddings are so full of flowers, why do we insist on plain bridesmaid dresses?  It’s harder to find pretty examples that’s for certain, but wouldn’t most girls be happier with a flirty floral sundress in their wardrobe than a fuchsia cocktail dress?

I’m not much of a clothing sewer, all that admitting to yourself how big your waist is…  But I love seeing what the pattern companies are coming up with, and this year Butterick has some great dress designs that would translate really well to the bridesmaid mode.  Any of the above dresses, sewn up in breezy quilting weight cotton would be ideal for a spring or summer wedding.  And if you haven’t looked at a fabric store lately, you’re in for a surprise – fabric design has come a long, long way from the boring calicos of my childhood!

3, 4, 7 Amy Butler
1, 5 Heather Bailey
2, 8 Sandi Henderson

Wouldn’t these just be glorious?  Actually, I think I need a summer dress in that plaid, just for everyday!

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