Hello again!

I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I was in Vancouver for Indie I Do (as if you didn’t know already!!) and had such a wonderful time.  There were so many talented, creative, inspirational vendors there.  I made so many new friends and can’t wait to finish profiling all my favorites!

I’ve been doing some shopping – I know, I shouldn’t – lately and thought I’d share some of my faves.  After all, it’s almost justified if you blog about it, right?

Yes, another Janet Hill!  I just love her work, and I love French pastries.  So it really was a match made in heaven!  With this I was lucky enough to snag one of her originals and can’t wait to frame it and prop it up on my desk.

A radio for the kitchen so I don’t have to turn the volume up full blast and send Jamie scurrying to the basement while I cook dinner.  Really, it’s the little things (like not making your husband deaf in order to listen to As it Happens) that make a marriage work.  It’s a little darker teal in person than in the image Urban Outfitters provides, but still retro vintage yummy.  Now we just need to reno the kitchen and everything will be good!!!

A wonderful little book from illustrator Kate Slater.  This is for my grandmother who collects illustrated children’s books.  I’ve just got to remember to call her about it so she doesn’t wonder where on earth it’s from when it arrives!

And in the mail today I found some skincare samples from Mario Baudescu.  My mum had told me over Christmas that you can go to their website, fill out their questionaire and they’ll send you samples of the recommended products.  Of course I had to jump on that!  I can’t wait to try everything out and am quite happy to find out that they’re not as pricey as I thought.  For some reason I thought Mario Baudescu was up there with Creme de la Mer, but really, the products are very reasonable.  I’ll give them a go over the next few days and report back!


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