eat cake be merry

I couldn’t have said it better!  Marx may have said that religion is the opiate of the masses, but around here at least it’s anything sugared.  Ok, ok, maybe not words to live by, but an awesome name for a bakery!  One that’s taken, though, by the very creative Liz Shim of NYC.  I might not be making a living making cakes anymore but I still troll the interwebs looking at cake photos ever so often.   And eat cake be merry is an amazing new discovery!

I mean, could those be any more perfect?  The colours are all sugared almond sweet, the motifs crisp and clear.  Every line is clean, no detail extraneous.  There’s a lot of thought, a lot of inspiration going into these cakes.  It’s almost easier to load a cake up with too much and Liz’s restraint is pretty amazing!  Love it!!!



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4 responses to “eat cake be merry

  1. Saskia

    I love it too!

  2. lou

    holy shit!! those cakes are adorable. i can’t get enough of clicking thru their gallery. i wish we had people here in Germany doing this great cakes.

  3. These are beautiful! Question for the curious: In your “About” section, you mention not eating eggs, but you obviously like cake and I’ve heard good things about your macarons (I work with your husband) – are you ok with eggs in recipes in general or just baking?

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