Etsy for Haiti

It’s pretty scarey to watch the news right now and see how quickly everything you know and hold dear can crumble away.  One of the things that made me proudest about working at Cupcakes was how quickly we responded to the 2004 tsunami.  We might have just been making cakes and cupcakes, but we had a heart and figured out a way to contribute to the aid effort.  Since then Heather and Lori and all the staff have gone on to include monthly charity cupcakes with proceeds going to such amazing organizations as Big Brothers and Sisters, Make a Wish, and the Salvation Army.  I don’t think I was the only one who shed a few tears when the Sally Anne came by to give us Christmas teddy bears and tell us how the money we raised would be helping end sex slavery.

Starting my own business I’ve wanted to give back in some way but haven’t been sure how.  Today though I realized I can’t just think about it, I need to make a commitment to it.  So today through Sunday I’ll be donating 20% of all my sales to the Haitian relief effort.  And since etsy is such an amazing, responsive community, I’m not the only one!  People are just starting to get involved and I’m sure there will be tons more contributors, but for now, here’s a few of those who’re involved:

1.  Berkley Illustrations.  All proceeds from the “Biggest Heart” print sales will go to the Red Cross.
2. Sugar and Spice Soap Co.  50% of sales will go to UNICEF
3.  Charitable Creations.  10% of sales go to the charity of your choice.
4.  Elizabeth Space.  50% of sales will go to Haiti relief
5.  Lark Studio.  100% of sales this week will be donated to and the Red Cross
6.  Midnight and Lulu.  50% of sales this week will go to Haiti relief.
7.  Paper Menagerie.  100% of sales will go to Partners in Health… good until all her stock is sold!
8.  Pretty Lulu Bridal.  20% of sales will go to the Red Cross.



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3 responses to “Etsy for Haiti

  1. jqline

    Hiee chelsearogers, it’s so sad to read about Haiti. I too made a donation to it here in my homeland. This is such a good cause! Loving your gorgeous blog. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. I think your decision to give is beautiful. I’ve featured one of your lovely clutches, along with a few items from other Etsy sellers who are donating a portion of their sales, on my blog:

  3. This is great thanks for the links!!!

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