I ♥ el Nino

It’s been so warm here lately!  About 10 above, with balmy breezes (ok, not that balmy, but not cheek numbing), a continually trickling sound from all the melting snow… and mud.  Our sad excuse for a lawn is visible again after about a month of white and turning into a churned up mess.  Even though I know this is only a short respite and we’ll be heading back into the freeze soon, it’s getting me excited!  I want to be out there digging, planting, scheming!  Until then I’ll just be visiting garden sites and dreaming.

I came across Chiot’s Run today, and I can’t wait to dig into the site further.   It’s a blog about a small plot in Ohio that the owners have been working on (organically) for the past 7 years.  They’ve got 7 years on me but some of the same problems – thin, rocky soil and a growing zone with wild seasonal swings (5a).  Beside the gardening tips there are recipes (they tackled sauerkraut, something I’m completely scared of!), great photography, and a general celebration of all things seasonal.

Fennel and Fern is UK based (basically the gardening Mecca) but has gardeners across the globe dreaming of piling on texture and colour in a rioutous display of garden beauty!  Their growing cheat sheets are perfect for beginners like me and I love their monthly task list for keeping the gardener on task (though I think I can add a month or 2 given the Kamloops deep freeze!).  I don’t have the space most of their featured gardens do, but the inspirational photos can’t be beat.  My utilitarian veg patch is slowly turning into a French style potager (minus the free range chickens, stupid bylaws) – at least in my mind.  And I love their idea of a garden inspiration board!  I’ve done them for weddings, decor, why not the garden?  Much better than lists!!!


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