Indie Party!!!

I’m so psyched to be heading down to Vancouver later this month to take part in Indie I Do!  What’s that?  Only the coolest wedding fair in Vancouver!  Indie I Do is all about adding some handmade, homegrown, alternative flair to your wedding.   It’s a showcase of small, creative businesses who’s goal is to make your wedding the most personalized, fun, and awesome shindig!

If you’re in the Vancouver area I’ve got some free tickets to give away and would love to pass them along.  Leave a comment and you could win one!



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5 responses to “Indie Party!!!

  1. xine

    oh pooh, i bought tix cuz i wanted the swag bags.

  2. chelsearogers

    Sorry! xox

  3. Oh man. I need to follow your blog. Can’t believe I missed out on this, would have loved to go. Have never heard of Indie I Do, and it looks awesome.


    • chelsearogers

      I just checked your site – you’re the Dani Jamie keeps talking about! We need to meet some time….. and if we have and I’ve spaced on it, oops. But really. Love your photography and you would have loved Indie I Do.

      • HAHA, Jamie talks about me? Dani = The weirdo at work who is always yammering on about food!

        I would LOVE to meet you! I keep hearing how awesome you are and obviously a foodie (Jamie brags about your kitchen skills muchly). Regarding the photography – Thanks!! I enjoy doing it. I really need to catch up on my blog and website (working on a complete redesign). You’ve done a great job on yours – so cute. Clutches are adorable.

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