Garden Planning

This spring I’ll be putting in my first garden so this winter I’ve been reading, studying, sketching, and plotting.  Trying to figure out how to fit as much abundance and beauty into our hard baked, shallow soiled plot.  There’s going to be a lot of hard work – digging, ammending the soil, sadly taking out some cramped, crippled trees.  I’m steeling myself for all that while simultaneously dreaming over books and catalogues.

Even if you’re not a gardener, there’s something special about Renée’s Garden Seeds.  The packets are beautifully illustrated with watercolour renderings of the content’s potential.  Somehow leeks seem so much more romantic!  Her seed packets make me want to start a gardening journal, carefully gluing in the packs and hoping my results meet my expectations.  Or to frame the packs so even in the winter I can have a reminder of the summer garden bounty.

For now I’m starting my seed list, with lots of Renée’s offerings at the top of the list.  Hopefully I’ll have room enough for all my dreams.


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