Pulled Mints

I absolutely loved these when I was younger.  My mum and I would buy them at the QFC any time we went to visit our Seattle relatives, which was never often enough.  These mints and an amazing Barbie department at Nordstroms?  The States was heaven!

This was my 1st time trying to make these, and it certainly was trying.  I’ll keep at it, though, and hopefully manage to make a full batch at some point.  Until then,  a few things I learned.  These work best on a cold day in a cold kitchen (it was cold today but I was baking bread at the same time, so the kitchen wasn’t.  A marble or granite slab would come in really handy for cooling down the sugar syrup.  Really would.  And finally, keep pulling and pulling until you almost can’t pull any more.  Don’t stop just because it’s gettin boring!  If you stop pulling before the candy is too hard to pull anymore it will crystallize, which is what a big chunk of mine did.  I got tired of pulling!

Pulled Mints

makes about 2 dozen mints

2 Tbsp butter
1/2 cup water
2 cups sugar
6 or 7 drops peppermint extract

In a large saucepan, melt the butter.  Add the water and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.  Cook over medium heat until the syrup reaches 260°.  Pour onto a buttered marble slab or cookie sheet.  Drop on the peppermint extract then leave to cool.

Once the edges have cooled enough that they can be lifted with a knife, lift them and fold them into the centre.  As soon as the candy is cool enough to handle, lift it up with buttered hands and pull it out from the centre about 6 to 12 inches.  Double it and keep pulling until it’s hard to pull and no longer glossy.

Form the candy into a long rope about ½” in diameter.  Put it pack on the buttered slab or tray and cut it with kitchen scissors into ½” pieces.  Place the pieces on parchment paper and set them aside to finish cooling.  Once they’re cool, pack them airtight and set them aside in a warm place.  The candies will change texture and taste creamy when you eat them.

adapted form Robbin Gourley’s Sugar Pie & Jelly Roll


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