Stephanie James Couture

Sometimes I really wish I could get married again.  And after 13 years it would still be to the same guy (that is if he’ll still have me, I have forced him to adopt 5 1/2 cats over those 13 years, and he is allergic after all).  There’s just so many amazing wedding designs, ideas, and things out there now.  I’m always amazed when I read about people’s weddings on blogs and in magazines.  There are so many creative people out there!

My friend Christine is getting married soon and she happens to be one of those creative people.  So she needs a creative dress designer, which is why I nudged her towards Stephanie James Couture.



I love the vintage vibe, and hello, sleeves?  No one does sleeves in bridal and I love sleeves!  If only it looked good with my snow boots, I would wear that first dress every day.  Yeah, yeah, you know what I mean.  And it might not be what everyone first notices, but I love that Stephanie James uses non-scrawny models.  Her girls are gorgeous and fit but without sticking out sternums or gaunt cheeks.  And the real wedding shots on her blog?  So inspirational!  Kinda the icing on the cake.

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2 responses to “Stephanie James Couture

  1. xine

    me! in that dress! damn you chelsea for showing me that dress.

  2. chelsearogers

    Dude, you are fast! And you so need that dress!

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