Happy Halloween!

horrorOne of these day I’m going to risk life and (mostly) limb and dress Lulu and Tron up for Halloween.  Just like these oh so happy looking cuties!  Why haven’t I done it before?  Well, it’s part laziness, part indecision, part fear.  I’d love to find them a couple of little monkey costumes since I almost always refer to them as the monkeys.  Hopefully I haven’t confused any vets with that!  But the idea of wrestling two sharp tooth and clawed furballs into costumes only to have them retaliate later by pooping on the bed just scares me a little bit too much.  So for now if anyone asks what the cats are dressed up as, I’ll refer to Michael Clayton’s “I am Shiva, the god of death”.  At least that’s what Tron and Lu think about themselves when they’re watching birds.

pop_akageThis one is supposed to be Anne of Green Gables.  Looks more like Carrot Top to me.

* more costume fun here and here.


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