2010 Calendars, part I

It’s that time of year when I start thinking of what to use for next year’s calendar.  I’m horrified to admit that this year we’ve been using the free one provided by the city, who’s only redeeming value is that it has our garbage pick up schedule.  Last winter was so hectic with Jamie moving in October and me trying to pack up our home by myself while training my work replacement before moving here in early January to join the man.  Somehow a pretty calendar just got missed.  This year I’m planning ahead, though, and will be posting some of my finds here.  I think I’m even going to challenge myself to figure out how to create a pdf calendar that I’ll create each month and post for download.  Now that I typed it, I guess I’m committed!  Eep!


The first calendar I’ve found doesn’t really fit into the categories I’d come up with, so it’s getting it’s own post.  September House’s DIY calendar set is such a fun idea and a great way to unleash your creativity or the creativity of someone you love.  Each kit comes with a booklet of ideas on how to embellish your calendar, with more ideas on her blog.

I’d love one of these decorated with handmade rubber stamps.  Pounce the stamp on some fabric paint then treat the fabric according to the paint’s instructions and the design is set!   Genine has excellent instructions on making your own stamps on her blog.  Watch out, though, it’s easy to lose yourself in the wonderful images on her site!


Not quite ready to carve your own stamps?  I love the ones above by Fawa, Corrabelle, and Nora Jane.

joys of jess

If you’re feeling more adventurous, how about adding hand embroidery to your calendar?  This one is (already made and available for sale) from the Joys of Jess is so inspirational!  Or how about a pattern from Sublime Stitching?  Their tattoo inspired patterns are about as far from Gramma’s embroidery as you can get!  I know a certain someone who needs the roller derby set!


I’ll be posting more calendar ideas over the next weeks.  In the meantime, take a look at decor8 and Holly’s beautiful selections.


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