A Janet Hill Giveaway!!!

shoes and lady

I’m absolutely in love with the work of Janet Hill.  Her paintings are so wonderfully feminine and fun, the colours vibrant and welcoming.  She explores recurrent themes of shoes, pastries and beautiful interiors… can it get any better?  I love Janet’s work so much that I want to share it so I’m offering a Janet Hill giveaway!  The winner will receive an 11″ by 14″ print of their choice.  If I weren’t hosting I’d be entering myself!!


Now the nitty gritty:

  • Visit Janet’s etsy store and brows through her amazing prints.  Come back here and leave a comment saying which is your favourite and where in your home you would hang it.
  • In your comment leave your first name and last initial.
  • Buy anything from either Pretty Lulu or Pretty Lulu Bridal between today and midnight November 4th and your name will be entered 5 times in the draw.
  • The contest will end at midnight November 4th and the winner will be announced here on the 5th.
  • Good luck!


A huge thank you to Janet Hill for partnering with me for this giveaway!  Keep an eye on her blog for posting of her original paintings, they go quickly!



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27 responses to “A Janet Hill Giveaway!!!

  1. There are so many gorgeous prints. Today, I’d say my fave is Paige in a Green Dress.
    Ashley G.

  2. I loooove Janet Hill! Of the ones still on her etsy page my favorite is Profiteroles. But my favorite painting is Pink Icing. So if I won, I would hang the Profiteroles print with my other prints in my kitchen. She captures the essence of my idea of true kitchen beauty.

  3. Oh my gosh! I hope I win!!!

    I love the “Heels” print. It is so colorful and fun and let’s face it… it’s SHOES!

    I would frame it and hang it in my bedroom!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  4. Rianne

    I love the Pears And Magnolia-Giclee print.
    I would hang it in my kitchen because this is where I spend most of my time, and this print would make my favorite place look warmer, cozier and happier 🙂
    Thank you (and Janet!) for this opportunity!

    Rianne S.

  5. Sam

    Its got to be heels for me….and I would put it in my bedroom – although I think my friends would be jealous and try to pinch it!


  6. It’s always so hard to choose. It would either be Heels or Summer Dresses. I would most definitely hang it on my wall of “Female Art.” It’s a wall where there are various artists’ work depicting things female (clothing or art of girls/women through the ages.)

  7. She is one of my very favorite artists. I love the one of the farm stand. I think about it often. She is just an amazing talent. I am off now to check out your new store. Congrats…I’m going to attempt that one day soon:)

    Becky S.

  8. Jenn

    I love Janet,
    I can’t choose my favourite as there are too many!!!

  9. I am so in love with her stuff already have three prints and want more (here is hoping I can get an original some day). Today I am loving The Sunday Picnic Print, normally I am head over heels for her portraits but I am jonesing for some cake!

  10. Wow, I’m in love with on Angela clutch on Pretty Lulu Bridal. I really enjoy the “She Liked To Call Them Her Canary Shoes” print and “Raquel’s Honey Stand” on janethillstudio!!! Emily F.

  11. I love Janet Hills work! There is one called Sleeping Beauty that is incredible and would look amazing in my bedroom. I love to read so that is probably very often me. 🙂

  12. I also love the summer dresses, which would also go in the bedroom!

  13. Janet is one of my favorites! It would be very hard to pick, but “Ladies Room- Large Print” is really special. I love what she did with the neutral colors. Very subtle.

    By the way – I found you on her blog and added your Etsy store to my favorites. Your pillows are beautiful.

    -Kate C

  14. I would love to win a print! If I did, I would probably choose “Rachel’s Honey Stand” 🙂 I believe I would hang in it my kitchen! Thank you!

  15. Johnette

    A cooks island is my favorite.I would hang it near my kitchen sink

  16. What a hard decision! I’d have to choose the Butterfly Chair Print for the beautiful splashes of red and I’d hang it in my lounge room (when it finally gets painted).

  17. I love her work! I’ve tried and I can’t choose a favorite. If I win, and I really hope I do, maybe I could pick one then or you could send me anyone and I would love it! I would hang it where everyone could see it! Jennifer B.

  18. It is practically impossible to pick a favorite from Janet’s collection, but I will say Sunday Picnic is right up there at the front and I would hang it in my daughter’s pink bedroom. Perfect. Pick me!

    Marilyn L.

  19. I would love the Irises print (although it’s so hard to choose). I would hang it in my dining room or my living room.

  20. Marlys

    Heel to Toe is amazing!

  21. Kc

    Any of the cake table pictures. Very Thiebaud. Le sigh…


  22. I love Janet Hill – so hard to choose a favourite but if I had to it would be Raquel’s honey stand.

  23. xine

    Petal shoes. Obviously.

  24. The Red Silk Peony. Janet Hill’s works are all absolutely gorgeous and so incredibly feminine! The images that come up when you google her name are breathtaking and it’s almost impossible to choose just one print from her ETSY, but Red Silk Peony is just beautiful and it would look perfect in my room which is decorated with teal and hints of red! Thanks for bringing this fantastic artist to my attention!

  25. First I must say that I love Janet`s paintings so much, I have recently discovered her work and fell in love. If I have a luck, I would choose “The Red Silk Peony” print and would hang it in living room in front of my friends, because I`m so lucky! 🙂
    Lucy F.

  26. stainless kitchen sinks serves me better and they are stain resistant too ‘”~

  27. Good article. I certainly love this website. Continue the good work!

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