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make something is the craft/life blog of Karyn, owner of the workroom, a sew/craft/learn/shop space in Toronto.  Both Karyn’s blog and the workroom’s site make me want to book a ticket to Toronto and just immerse myself in her clean aesthetic.

chipmunk softie

cross stitch

One of the things I love about Karyn’s blog is that she’s not an expert and she doesn’t pretend to be.  She lets us in on her mistakes and misturns as well as her sewing triumphs.  It can sometimes be intimidating seeing the amazing work of others so it’s nice to know that other people struggle, too!  From chipmunk and bunny softies to beginners quilting, Karyn guides us through her adventures in learning new skills with style and a friendly voice.  I love seeing the creative process through someone else’s eyes and knowing I’m not the only one who makes things up as they go along sometimes!

natural dyes

Karyn has a great section on her blog called “my crafty list of things to do“, a to do list for herself of all the things she’d like to make and challenges to herself.  I’m a huge list maker and always seem to have one sticking out of every purse and pocket.  But they’re all boring – daily production, groceries, people to call.  I love the idea of a list that’s just for me, a list of fun, creative things I want to do this year or just this lifetime.  I haven’t written my own crafty list of things to do yet but I’ve added writing one to my regular to do list.  That’s a start, right?


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