Made by Julene


When I came across the work of Julene Harrison a few months ago my jaw dropped.  Her papercuts are impeccable, so detailed, inticate but not fussy.  I almost immediately ordered one and felt a little bad for Julene when I sent off the list of these I just had to have in the design.  Of course I tacked on a little “but do whatever works”, but really I was hoping she could fit it all in.  And she did!  My custom papercut is everything I wanted and came just in time to be a housewarming for Jamie and our new home.


Goodnight Moon was my favorite book as a kid and when they wrapped the final episode of The Wire with a riff on that book I loved the show even more.  Trying to come up with a quote for Julene to use, this was one of the first ones that popped into my head.  Now it’s hanging in our bedroom so it couldn’t be more fitting.  Julene’s custom papercuts can be accented with images to complement the quote once again providing something to agonize over!  I chose to include 2 cats for Lucy and Tron (sorry Potatoe, Annie, and Rudd, we’ll get you one eventually), a book and camera for the photography loving librarian husband, and a needle and wedding cake (to represent my new venture and my previous career as a wedding cake designer and pastry chef) for me.  Oh, and if you want to find out the rest of The Wire’s version of goodnight moon, check here.


Julene has recently launched a series of lasercuts available on her etsy store.  They’re the perfect wedding gift for the craft savvy couple, a housewarming gift for your sister’s first place, a first anniversary (that one’s traditionally paper, though I think I gave Jamie beer)…  I love the simple frames and calming colour choices.  They let the art speak for itself and result in a little surprise when someone gets close enough to read the quote.  I’m sure Julene has more designs on the brain and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Made by Julene

Made by Julene on etsy

*  We don’t actually have 5 cats.  Potatoe, Rudd, and Annie are cat friends that aren’t around anymore.


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