Pretty Lulu Bridal featured on Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Thank you so much to Brenda from Brenda’s Wedding Blog for featuring Pretty Lulu Bridal on her site today.   I can’t believe how excited I am to see my clutches featured on her blog!  Brenda’s site is an amazing resource for all things bridal and was a frequent view when I was coming up with new wedding cake designs at Cupcakes.  I can get awfully set in the idea that inspiration must come from within and be completely without influence.  Sites like Brenda’s remind me how ridiculous that is, that there are so many amazingly talented people out there doing incredible things and that my own work is always so much better when I immerse myself in the creativity of others.  To see my clutches featured somewhere where I’ve looked for inspiration, now that’s truly inspirational!  Thanks again Brenda!

For anyone planning a wedding, Brenda’s Wedding Blog is really a  showcase of the best of the best.  From photographers to favours and everything in between she features stylish answers to all your wedding needs.  I’m especially in love with her inspiration boards, like this Moroccan themed one:

Moroccan Inspiration Board from Brenda's Wedding Blog

Moroccan Inspiration Board from Brenda's Wedding Blog

She’s really captured the colours of the Marrakesh Souks and really makes me wish I’d done more shopping when I was there last winter!


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