Amy Butler O.M.G.

I seem to be out of the loop lately.  I missed the season premiere of Gossip Girl.  I forgot to watch Top Model last night.  But that’s all made up for by knowing that there’s a new Amy Butler collection coming out!  Amy Butler pretty much single handedly revolutionized quilting cottons when she launched her 1st line Temple Flower (I think this was her 1st, at least).  Her patterns were bold and graphic and her colours clear and vibrant.  When you look at the fabrics available now it’s hard to imagine what an impact Amy’s line had, there was nothing like it out there.

It’s not out yet, but Amy has a new line in the works, consisting of quilting weight, upholstery weight, and flannel fabrics.  It’s appropriately named, reflecting what a lot of us feel for her designs…love_fabric

Though sometimes lust, covet, and O.M.G. Amy Butler!!!!! seem more appropriate.  Personally I’m lusting after these, and can’t wait to get my hands on them:



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