Friday Finds

chatham girl

One 0f the amazing things about etsy is being able to discover the work of artists all over the world.  Chatham Girl is an amazing example.  The owner, Zara Carpenter, lives in the historic port city of Chatham, England (which, if you’re a CBC fan, is 65 miles from Reading).  If it weren’t for etsy I would never have come across her intricate and inspirational work.  That’s what Friday Finds is all about –  cool things I would never have found if it weren’t for etsy!

Zara is an artist after my own heart.  She makes hats, jewelry, purses (with handwritten poetry inside), and other vintage inspired accesories.  Not only does she troll flea markets and vintage shops for the components of her pieces, she also restores antique hats to their former glory.  And she’s a fan of Isabella Blow, a genius of the British fashion world and supreme wearer of hats.

My social scene tends more to toques than ornate floral toppers (yay Kamloops!),  but if I did have a hat wearing event coming up, this would be the one:clara peony

xox, Chelsea


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One response to “Friday Finds

  1. Thank you sooooo much for the mention….I do so love making hats

    Zaza (Chatham Girl)

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