Buddha’s Revenge *

We’re having a strange day here in Kamloops.  It’s cool, overcast, and has even been raining a bit.  It’s one of those days that makes me pull out last winter’s sweaters and figure out where all the holes came from and wonder why I didn’t wash them before putting them away for the season.  It’s a day that reminds me of Vancouver, a day that makes me smile because this is my weather.  I’m sure everyone else is looking forward to the weekend (when it’s supposed to get back up to 30 degrees), but I’m over the moon with the pearly grey skies that hint at rain – it means the seasons really are shifting and fall is on the way.  Fall has got to be my favourite season.  The crisp air, turning leaves, ripening apples and pears, longer nights and finally needing the duvet.  I can start baking bread again, cook soups, pull out all the wool and tweed, and once we track down a cord of wood, actually have fires in the new fireplace!

Now that I’ve said how much I love this weather, it is a little miserable for taking photos.  I was going to photograph some Pretty Lulu bags, but the light is just too bad.  Tomorrow.

I did however in the few minutes of daylight we had to today, snap a few shots of the new silks that arrived yesterday and a new design I’m making with them.  Despite my rapsodies about the season, these are not fall hues, they’re fun candy colours that I know I’ll be craving this winter.  I’ve started playing with the pinks for fun bridesmaid/party clutches.  The blues will probably be used mostly for linings, for the “something blue”, but I’m open to other suggestions.  Without further adieu blather, the photos…

dawn, celery, black raspberry, cotton candy, bubblegum

dawn, celery, black raspberry, cotton candy, bubblegum

black raspberry, celery, dawn, antique blue, cornflower, canterbury

black raspberry, celery, dawn, antique blue, cornflower, canterbury

baby pink

baby pink

I heart yo yos!

I ♥ yo yos!

Yes, those are yo yos, and I love them!  They’re so fun, perky, dare I say preppy?  They’re retro vintage tacky/amazing.  No, I’m not going to be sporting a yo yo vest anytime soon, but I can see a yo yo covered pillow on my bed and a yo yo or two pinned to a sweater.  I especially love them in silk, it’s a little unexpected, so opposite the printed calicoes we  normally see.  There’s an awesome tutorial for how to make yo yos on Heather Bailey’s blog, so channel your inner Angela and go for it!

* If you’re wondering what on earth the title has to do with this post – it’s a yo yo trick.  That I don’t know how to do.


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